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      16 celebrity siblings you might not know existed

      Just like approximately 80% of us regular workaday joes, celebrities have their fair share of siblings, and it’s the rare superstar whose brother or sister can match them in the fame department. Not every family can be a powerhouse star factory like the Gyllenhaals or the Cusacks, after all. So why not take a moment […] More

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      14 of the craziest musical stage props

      Forget fantastic songwriting, mind-blowing technical chops, or even plain old stunning good looks: all of them are passé at this point. Nowadays, everyone knows the only way to take your music career to the next level is a good stage prop or intriguing gimmick; something in the live show that makes people stand up and […] More

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      32 music themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters

      The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend jumped the shark when it stopped being unreasonable to expect to find one of Fonzie literally jumping a shark. Nothing hammers that home more than the flurry of inexplicable renditions we’re seeing these days, ranging quasi-Satanic metal bands to brooding old British men (sup, Morrissey). Certainly, some have hopped on […] More

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