12 of the best major label debut albums


Jawbreaker – Dear You

Jawbreaker were another band whose career was irrevocably altered by the success of Nirvana’s Nevermind, as the punk trio was signed to a massive $1 million contract with DGC Records in 1994 following their landmark album 24 Hour Revenge Therapy.

Their highly-anticipated follow up, 1995’s Dear You, proved to be divisive amongst fans of the band who were turned off by the more polished production, and wound up being their only major label release as they disbanded shortly afterwards. However, the album proved to be a huge influence on the pop-punk/emo tidal wave that began just a few years later, retroactively turning Jawbreaker into a sort of mid-90s emo Velvet Underground.

Jawbreaker – Dear You
Photo: Jawbreaker