14 of the craziest musical stage props


W.A.S.P.’s Meat

During their 1980s heyday, West Coast hair metal mainstays W.A.S.P. went beyond their spandex and headband-clad contemporaries when it came to stage shows: Frontman Blackie Lawless would periodically chop up piles of raw meat onstage and throw it into the audience, a gesture which I’m sure your average hair metal fan would appreciate. “Cool, free meat! Looks like Randy’s eatin’ tonight!” – guy in studded leather chaps. W.A.S.P. would eventually regret their allegiance to ham hocks and salmonella poisoning: a gig in Helsinki saw guitarist Chris Holmes (he of the most soul-sucking pool video known to man) knocked out when a fan threw an entire frozen roast at his head.