32 music themed Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend jumped the shark when it stopped being unreasonable to expect to find one of Fonzie literally jumping a shark. Nothing hammers that home more than the flurry of inexplicable renditions we’re seeing these days, ranging quasi-Satanic metal bands to brooding old British men (sup, Morrissey).

Certainly, some have hopped on the trend with good deeds in mind, but not every one can be 2 Chainz . While it’s impossible to be truly comprehensive, we’ve put together a gallery of some of our, er, favourites. Some old, some new, all kind of wack.



5 Seconds of Summer

What we wouldn’t give for 5 Seconds of Summer (heat) right now, am I right people? You know, because it’s cold? Anyways, while we could make a Global Warming joke here, that would be inappropriate, so instead why don’t we just warm up with this fresher than fresh snow sweater?

5 Seconds of Summer
Photo: 5 Seconds of Summer